What is Social Selling in 2021?

Social Selling is lead generation through communication on social media and personal brand building. The term “personal brand” is quite discredited thanks to some motivational speakers and coaches. Despite that, it is actually creating an image of an expert on social media. The target audience begins to trust this person. As a result, the expert gains qualified leads.

Social Selling is based on the principle of Lead Nurturing. This is a process of gradually warming up leads. We reach people who are not yet ready to buy, and gradually, thanks to useful content and interaction, we move them to the stage of consideration. They start expressing their needs, ask substantive questions about a product or service.

According to our experience, over 80% of potential B2B customers are not ready to buy here and now. These customers need some time to sink in and dive deep in the topic before they make a decision. The companies that don’t give up on their leads when they’re not ready yet, but continue to warm them up, have a higher conversion. According to Marketo, those who use lead nurturing have 50% more leads ready to buy. These results are due to the fact that these companies don’t give up on potential customers, but continue to nurture them further, share useful content, and interact with their followers. Well-nurtured leads buy 47% more than non-nurtured leads (The Annuitas Group). These well-nurtured leads are of a higher quality. They already trust you, read your content, understand your approach, know that you are the expert, and are ready to spend more of their budget on you than on some unfamiliar company.

What kind of activities does Social Selling include?

Positioning development.

You’ll need to develop your own positioning on social media. Define your main expertise. Focus on your role in the company where you work or in your own business. Then you’ll need to choose a memorable feature of yours or Big Idea/mission you are going to broadcast to the market. Also, we recommend that you mix different personal branding styles on your profile.

Content planning.

You’ll have to plan how your personal brand will be broadcasted in order to strengthen your expertise or role in a particular area or industry. At the same time, we recommend that you reveal a real and sincere personality in order to build trust.

Audience growth.

This process goes in parallel with the content publication.

You’ll constantly need to be on the lookout for your target audience: people in specific positions at certain companies or industries. You can search by industry, by the size of the company, or from a specific list of companies.

Lead generation tactics.

At this stage, we use different tactics to convert the audience from followers to leads.

For example, we offer some useful materials in the form of exclusive content or create individual messages for an active audience. We monitor every like, comment, share, and decide that if potential customers constantly interact with the content, then they most likely trust us enough, and we can come to them with carefully crafted sales communication.

When we use more spamming Social Selling (“cold calling” in personal messages), we receive about 20-30 leads per month, sometimes more.
By changing our approach to the lead nurturing process, we get an average of only 10 leads per month, but these leads are of completely different quality: they aren’t just curious but have a sincere interest in a product or service and motivation to buy.