Don’t be spammers when using Social Selling!

Many B2B sellers spam their target audience. These sellers send the same message to everyone, where they immediately begin to offer their proposal. They believe that they are doing Social Selling, but in fact they get an extremely low conversion to leads and a certain percentage of negativity and annoyance from their target audience. The image risks for the company are higher than the potential benefits.

It’s important to be very careful when doing Social Selling. Personal message spam with an offer of your services has long been outdated and doesn’t work effectively.

Social Selling is an approach to the gradual nurturing of leads using valuable content. Only after lead nurturing you can proceed to a meaningful conversation via private messages.


Switch to a meaningful conversation in private messages when your potential customer does the following:


Actively interacts with your content.

If a potential client regularly likes or comments on posts, then they are very interested in you, and you can start a dialog and carefully discuss a potential cooperation.

If a representative of your target audience shares your posts, then this is usually the highest level of trust because a person is ready to place your content on his or her page.


Published a relevant post on their page or in a group.

For example, someone is looking for what you sell or something related, and may be interested in your product or service.

I once reacted to the post of Head of Sales at quite a large IT company. He was looking for a sales representative to do cold sales. I proposed Social Selling as a cold sales alternativeto improve B2B sales efficiency. It turned out that he has been reading my posts for a long time and was impressed by my company’s approach. As a result, I held a workshop on social sales at his company.


Responded to a lead generation post.

This is the easiest entry to a private conversation because the person commented first.

In your post, you can describe a simple offer or exclusive content, and then switch to a meaningful conversation about your product or service with those who showed their interest in this content.


Stays in connections for more than two months.

New followers usually see your content. It is important to wait 2-3 months before writing a private message to a potential customer. Let them first read your posts and better understand what you are talking about. Then you can carefully get to know each other and gradually move on to a more substantive conversation like answering questions about your product or services and discussing potential business.


Added you to connections.

Cold messaging works if you are not trying to sell anything, but rather, you contact a potential customer as an expert. You invite them to become a speaker, give an interview, take part in a study that won’t take much time. In the process of these conversations, you can carefully discuss further business.

You can also simply thank a potential customer for adding you to connections and say that you will be happy to exchange industry insights and trends.

Have you noticed how often I repeat the word “carefully”?

This word, perhaps, shows best how to start communicating with a potential client via personal messages.